Struggling with Fertility Issues? Your “Healthy Diet” may be Missing the Mark (Natural Awakenings, May 2018)

When Eating Clean Isn’t Enough

So, you’re eating clean. You’ve eliminated refined sugars from your diet, you buy only organic produce and certified organic foods, and you are strictly gluten free. Then why don’t you feel amazing? It’s possible that there is something hiding in your diet – a sneaky food additive that can cause a whole host of problems. […]

Connecting the Dots: Taking the Time to Listen (& Be a Sleuth)

  Often when explaining how Oriental Medicine differs from standard allopathic (i.e. “Western”) medicine to a new patient, we acupuncturists like to use the metaphor of a tree with broken or diseased branches. Most are accustomed to going to a different specialist for each symptom they have, and more often than not the doctor only […]