Joni Scott, LMBT

I have been practicing massage for over 11 years, and first fell in love with massage after taking a Mother’s Infant Massage Class while carrying my first child. After I saw all the wonderful benefits my son and I received from our daily massage time, all I wanted was to learn more! I was amazed by how healing and beneficial touch is. When my daughter was born I saw all the same benefits as before, and my son couldn’t wait to help massage his little sister! It was a wonderful way for my family to bond and my babies slept through the night, were not sick as often as other babies, and didn’t have any digestive issues.

I did a lot of research and applied to The South Carolina Massage Institute in Socastee, SC and graduated in March of 2006. In school I was trained in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Sports, and Pregnancy Massage. Since graduating I have found my passion is in the specialities of Medical Massage, Chronic Pain Management, Migraine Therapy, Myofascial Care, and Foot and Ankle Care. I truly love being able to help people develop and maintain a better quality of life through massage and bodywork. I strive with every appointment to help you better understand your conditions and how massage and other holistic medicines can help you heal naturally.

Hours by Appointment:  910-617-2060

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