Fertility Support

How can Oriental Medicine contribute to a successful outcome in a  superovulation, IUI or IVF cycle?

  • Increase ovarian response
  • Increase estrogen levels if low
  • Enhance follicle/egg quality
  • Increase follicle/egg quantity
  • Improve sperm vitality, reduce fragmentation
  • Relieve side effects of medications
  • Increase endometrial thickness when it is too thin
  • Increase implantation rates
  • Support patient through a healthy full-term delivery, not just a positive HCG test

Summary of Oriental Medicine‚Äôs Influences on Sperm Quality, Follicular Microenvironment and Egg Quality 

  • Increase blood supply (oxygen and nutrients) to the testicles with acupuncture
  • Increase blood supply to the follicles with acupuncture
  • Improve ovarian function by regulating hormone levels with acupuncture
  • Reduce stress hormones associated with reduced IVF success with acupuncture
  • Increase oocyte mitochondrial ATP output with certain Chinese herbs
  • Enhance follicle antioxidant defenses with certain Chinese herbs
  • Improve follicle environment by reducing inflammatory cytokines with Chinese herbs
  • Increase post-implantation success rates with acupuncture and/or herbs